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Sketchup: Shop Drawings in Layout


In this course, we will focus on learning the ins and outs of Layout, taking our SketchUp models and turning them into presentations to present our work to clients, and creating shop drawings for us to use in the shop to build our projects.  Layout comes with your SketchUp Pro subscription.  If you are unfamiliar with Layout, you can think of it as a tool to Layout, like a magazine.  It will allow you to organize your drawings and add titles, pictures, annotations, and other descriptive text.  Then, export it as a PDF.
For this course, you need to have a basic understanding of how to use SketchUp and be able to draw a basic piece of furniture. If you need help learning the basics, we have an Intro to SketchUp Course you might want to check out first. You will also need a copy of SketchUp Pro to take advantage of all this course offers.

What comes with this Sketchup and Layout Course

  • Twenty detailed instructional videos
  • Access to the instructor for questions and clarifications.
  • All videos are digital and will be available for download upon purchase.

What is Covered in this Sketchup course

  • How to set up creature comforts in SketchUp Pro
    • Customize toolbars
    • Customize global settings
    • Customize tool trays
    • Customize styles
    • Saved Favorites Components workflow
  • How to create scenes with tags in Sketchup
  • Create a SketchUp Template for use with Layout
  • Create a Layout Template to use to create shop Drawings and client presentations.
  • Learn Layout Drawing tools to create a title block
  • How to control Layers in Layout
  • How to control viewports to keep your SketchUp Model updated to Layout
  • How to set up auto text and the scrapbook function in Layout
  • Set a scale to your viewport drawings in Layout
  • Create annotations and dimensioning in Layout
  • Importing reference photos into Layout and how to crop/create clipping masks
  • How to use a Cut List extension to create cultists that can be imported into your layout file.
  • Cut list video includes
    • Customizing the cut list to your needs
    • exporting with rough material sizes
    • exporting with finished material sizes
    • exporting with how many board feet you need
    • Auto-create a plywood cut diagram
  • Creating print-to-scale templates in Layout

What Will I Need?

  • SketchUp Pro Subscription 2023 or later (Layout Comes with your Pro Subscription)
    • Will NOT work with the free web version or the Web-based Sketchup Go
    • Win NOT work with Make 2017 version
  • A PC or Mac with a 3-button mouse. (Trackpads are not ideal.)



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