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Japanese Inspired Sawhorses – PDF Project Plans Download


Downloadable Project Plans Include

  • Detailed Drawing
  • Print to scale Templates
  • Cut List
  • Materials List

This sawhorse project plan package includes a materials list, measured drawings, and printable PDF templates to add all the curves and stylings you see in the picture.

I got tired of those flimsy plastic sawhorses bouncing around when trying to work on them, plus there was no good way to clamp anything down to them. So I built this pair of Sawhorses. The joinery and overall style were inspired by Japanese woodworking and architecture.

These sawhorses are a great substitute for your workbench when you are out on the Jobsite needing something solid to work on.  They feature holes for traditional woodworking hold fast, bench dogs, and planing stops.  I made them from solid maple, so they are still heavy enough to be a solid base to work from when you are away from your shop but are compact enough to travel and not take up a ton of space up in your work truck or trailer.

Someone asked me how much weight I thought they could hold…Quite a lot

Heavy duty sawhorses that can hold a lot of weight

These are heavy-duty sawhorses


Watch them be built