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Festool Kpex Hose Adaptor for 1 3/4″ shop vac hose – 3D Print File


Download includes

  • STL File

Do you need to adapt your Shop Vac hose to fit your Festool Kpex miter saw?  If you do, you can 3d Print this shop vac hose adaptor with this file.

This 3d printable festool kpex hose adaptor will transition from a 1 3/4″ standard shop vac hose to the Festool Kpex miter saw dust exhaust port.  The robust wall thickness allows for a sturdy connection that can be backed up with hose claps if needed.

The inner transition has positive stops for the hose and port to bottom out against.  From there, it is a smooth tapered transition between the hoses to reduce the chance of turbulence at the connection, keeping your dust collection at optimal performance.


3D Print Verified

This 3D Print File has been tested using a flexible TPU filament using the standard Ultimaker Cura Settings combined with the filament specs from the label, printed at standard quality.  After printing, it fits snugly on my 1 3/4″ shop vac hose and onto my Festool Kpex miter saw’s exhaust port.



Important! This is not a physical product.  This is a 3D print File!!!