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Cribbage Board Box -Downloadable PDF Plans and Templates


Downloadable Project Plan includes

  • Detailed drawings
  • Print to scale peg hole template
  • SVG file for CNC Peg Holes
  • Materials List
  • Cut List

This cribbage board plan includes all the necessary measurements to build this cribbage board box.  A materials list, a print-to-scale template for drilling the holes, and an SVG file if you have a CNC machine to drill the holes for you.

The box opens up to a divided tray on the inside to store your playing cards and game pieces.

I made mine from cherry and walnut, but you can spice it up and use any exotic woods you like.

The boards’ overall size is about 4 3/4″ Wide, 9″ long, and 2″ tall

You will need woods of your choice and a corresponding 1/4″ Dowel

Playing Cards

Cribbage board pegs

5/16″ Radius Roundover Bit

5/32″ Radius Roundover Bit

1/8″ DIA Router Bit

5/16″ DIA Router Bit

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